16 September 2010

Lazy Bruschetta!

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You're probably wondering why I used regular toast instead of stale italian bread or something. The answer is simple really....I was craving some bruschetta and was too lazy to go out and get some proper bread haha. It pretty much tastes the same. The flavor is all in what goes ON TOP of the bread anyways right??

This simple recipe is also great for when you accumulate all those bread ends (I don't know what you call them) the 2 ends that no one eats lol. Save those up and instead of making bread pudding, like my family usually does, make some bruschetta for a change and a quick healthy snack! 


What you'll need:
- 3 roma tomatoes (less juicy, easier to slice & dice!)
- extra-virgin olive oil
- fresh basil chiffonades
- minced garlic (2 cloves is enough for me)
- grated parmesan cheese
- salt & pepper to taste
- bread

Toast the bread in some of the olive oil until it's brown and crunchy (not burnt!!), combine all the fresh ingredients together (i didn't put exact measurements, so just put however much of each you like). Lay it on top of the bread, eat and enjoy!!


  1. haha... sometimes i also use regular toast :D
    love ur recipes,im now following u

  2. thank you Endy! i'm glad i'm not the only one! :)


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