02 September 2010


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Lately I've had the green thumb...well sort of haha. I'm in the beginning stages of having my own herb garden. I planted quite a few herbs, but only 2 so far were able to make it through, the bell peppers (not exactly an herb haha) and basil. The cilantro were growing fine until I transferred them to a different pot. I knew I should've waited longer, but I was constantly pressured and told that "they're ready now!!" haha oh well. Lessoned learned. I'll follow my gut next time. I tried to salvage it, but unfortunately could not. I'm so sad. I was looking forward to getting my Mexican cooking on!!

I'm trying my best not to overwhelm myself, so I'm going to stick to nurturing the 2 that are growing fine. Once I get the hang of it, of course, I'll venture into other herbs as well. So exciting!!

 Here are my herbs about 2 weeks into their germination period.

 A pic of my basil growing very healthily. 

oh and btw, talking to your plants really helps them to grow. I always believed that was a myth, but I can tell ya now...IT'S NOT! They listen! haha


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