25 September 2010

TOTD: Nasty garlicky hands!

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 TOTD = Tip Of the Day

I ♥

I use it in just about everything. The smell of garlic bathing in some olive oil is pretty close to heavenly for me haha.

However, the smell of garlic on my hands well after I've finished cooking and dining? not so much.

Am I contradicting myself? Kind of yes, but I mean c'mon...I prefer going to bed feeling fresh and clean and ready to be rejuvenated for the new morning ahead! After cooking with garlic, and we've all had this problem before, it just LINGERS even after I've washed it several times, taken a shower, etc. The smell then transfers to my pillow, covers, and next thing I know I'm dreaming about garlic and vampires (although I have a special affinity for vampires...it started in the 90's lol). Having garlic breath is bad enough, but having it all over your hands just takes it to another level. Instead of having the Midas Touch, you have the "Garlic Touch"...not nearly as cool lol.

Tip: The key to eliminating stinky garlicky hands can be found in the palm of your hand!.....that is, if you're holding a metal spoon :p

Yes, rubbing stainless steel (spoons, your kitchen sink, appliances, etc) has been proven to remove garlic as well as onion odors from your skin.

They even sell stainless steel soap just for that purpose! (this is not an ad). Pretty nifty!

Hope this helps!


  1. Go Feast yourself
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  2. Such an awesome tip!! Garlic stays on my hands for so long! I love cooking with it so I am never giving it up. Gotta try this soon .... now if only something for the breath ... hehe


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